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ChiroThin Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is involved in the ChiroThin program?

ChiroThin is a doctor-supervised program where the participant has a follow up visit with the supervising doctor on a weekly basis.

During the interaction, the patient is questioned regarding their overall health, their adherence to the diet, and any struggles or challenges they may be encountering. The participant is then weighed, receives an 8-point body measurement, and their blood pressure is taken. Their current BMI is then calculated.

Based on all of this information, the participant is then provided with detailed information/instruction as it pertains to what they need to do for the upcoming week based on the data received during this session.

How are ChiroThin patients screened before the program?

All patients are prescreened for complicating factors, poor prognostic indicators, and contraindication. If a complicating factor or poor prognostic indicator is revealed, it is discussed with the potential participant.

Depending on the severity of the projected clinical implications of the complicating factor or poor prognostic indicators, a person may be prohibited from undergoing the program.

If the potential participants past medical history contains any contraindications, they are prohibited from participating in the program.

What does the ChiroThin diet entail?

The ChiroThin program is based on a low glycemic index and anti-inflammatory (LGAI) type diet. It includes the consumption of complex carbohydrates and is not a “protein-only” program. Complex carbohydrates are included because they prevent excessive ketosis, hyperuricemia, diuresis, electrolyte loss, re-feeding edema, and may improve muscular endurance.

While undergoing the 6 week program, the participant consumes between twenty four (24) and thirty (30) ounces of nutrient dense low glycemic index/anti-inflammatory foods per day. The nutritional support formula is specifically formulated to aid in fatty acid metabolism, hunger and craving suppression, blood sugar stabilization, and mild detoxification of the body.

How long does the ChiroThin program last?

The program is 6 weeks in duration and falls well within the accepted standards for very low calorie diets (VLCD’s) as established by scientific data.

These parameters include: doctor supervision, time on VLCD, dietary modification, behavioral modification, nutritional supplementation, and when indicated, exercise.

The program provides a “re-feeding” component where the participant is transitioned back to a “normal” diet composed of LGAI foods.

What kind of support will I receive?

Each ChiroThin program participant is provided with guidelines, strategies and tools to help them increase the chances of long term weight loss success.

This is based on BMR, activity level, appropriate exercise, and continued healthy nutritional consumption.


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